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Point of Departure - Monotypes

Minimum age:
Total cost:
Start date:
End date:
August 23, 2024
August 25, 2024
10:00 - 4:00
Participate: In-Person Online
In-Person Available Only
Online Available Only

Workshop Overview

In this workshop, we'll create monotypes inspired by our surroundings, embracing the spontaneous essence of the medium as our guide. The workshop will support various interpretations of your desired subject matter including representational, abstract, imagined or direct observation from our surroundings. Utilizing brayers, cotton cloths, brushes, and various tools, we'll apply and remove ink on plexiglass plates, later running them through a printing press to create unique original artworks.

The workshop combines instruction, demonstration, and individual work time, covering a spectrum of monotype techniques. Emphasis will be on light, value, impulse, experimentation, and, most importantly, having fun throughout the creative process.

About the Instructor(s)

Nanette Wallace’s gestural monotypes are created as an emotional response to the world around her, with an especially deep connection to water, light, and nature. She approaches her work with an emphasis on experimentation and intuition, allowing the spontaneous nature of the monotype to guide her. While Nanette works primarily as a monotype printmaker and oil painter, her career path also included working as a graphic artist, illustrator, and letterpress printer. She is an award winning artist, featured widely in solo, invitational, and juried exhibitions and well as print publications, nationally and internationally.

Materials List: Students Bring

A sample pack of ink, brushes/individual tools if desired (Not required). All other supplies included. Paper will be provided as a pay for what you use / pay per sheet used.

Materials List: Provided by Instructor(s)

Printing plates, ink, modifiers, brayers, large inking surfaces (glass or plexi), one per student

Materials/consumables: Paper (but participants will reimburse for each sheet used), ink, gloves, rags, sponges, brushes, isopropyl alcohol, q-tips, dawn soap for cleanup, paper towels, newsprint, spray cleaner, museum putty, corn starch for brayers

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