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September 28, 2024
September 28, 2024
10:00 - 4:00
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Workshop Overview

Discover the art of crafting agateware using tinted and foraged clay. Agateware is pottery decorated with a combination of contrasting colored clays. The name is derived from the agate stone, which when sliced shows multicolored layers. This technique provides the flexibility to create both meticulously designed patterns and freeform, spontaneous effects.

Upon completing the workshop, participants can choose to fire their creations on their own or opt to leave their work with Michelle. For those who entrust their pieces to Michelle, she will fire the pieces in her home studio, and ship the completed pieces back to them.

About the Instructor(s)

Michelle Valigura is a sculptor, with a primary focus on ceramics.

Her background in film production design and stop motion animation along with her love of mid century design have built a foundation for a strong sense of color and aesthetics that can be seen translated in her work.  She has licensed her work to Disneyland and other art brands. She has exhibited her work, lectured and taught workshops at galleries, museums and universities worldwide. In 2019 Michelle moved back to her roots in the Pacific Northwest where she opened Basalt studio that functions as her working studio and showroom in downtown Cannon Beach.

Materials List: Students Bring

Wood rolling pin

Materials List: Provided by Instructor(s)




Wire cutter

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