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Solastalgia & Watermarks in Handmade Paper

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Start date:
End date:
July 1, 2024
July 2, 2024
10:00 - 4:00
Participate: In-Person Online
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Workshop Overview

In this workshop, we will explore hand papermaking, watermarks, and material metaphor. Watermarks are a hand papermaking technique in which the fibers of the paper are interrupted, creating an absence in the paper. When the papers are backlit, a ghostly image appears. This technique is an exquisite material metaphor for dealing with loss, extinction, and disappearance, while also being magical and alluding to transformation.  Using various types of watermark techniques – including cut vinyl, puff paint, layered paper, and hand embroidery, we will explore the imagery of solastalgia – feelings of disquiet and discomfort due to environmental change such as global warming - and revitalization. Students will leave this workshop with a series of handmade papers that can stand on their own as works of art, or be incorporated into collages, artists books, or prints. 

About the Instructor(s)

Anne Beck & Michelle Wilson are the Rhinoceros Project, a socially engaged art collective. The project is a collaborative art platform involving contemplative artmaking, community sewing circles, papermaking happenings, absurdity and wonder. Through these communal artmaking events, the artists recontextualize art historical images to break down mythologies of colonialization and ensuing socio-political and environmental issues.

Materials List: Students Bring

Sketch paper

Drawing tools - pencil & eraser

Exacto knife/mat knife

Cutting mat

Embroidery floss

Sewing tools - needles, scissors

Embroidery Hoop



Paper towels

Materials List: Provided by Instructor(s)

Paper pulps & pigments          



Foam (for stencils)    


Nylon/Window Screening  

Embroidery floss


Puff paint 

Use of assorted papermaking equipment:    

Moulds and Deckles

Pellon and felts                        

Paper Press 



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