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Grass Mountain

Grass Mountain
In June 2017 Sitka acquired Grass Mountain, an 80-acre property within the Cascade Head Scenic Research Area. About a mile from the existing Sitka location, Grass Mountain will operate as a programmatically integrated second site. Over time Sitka will offer workshops, residencies, and new programming at this beautiful location. What does the futurehold for Grass Mountain? Sitka has existed at Cascade Head since 1970 with a reverence for its histories, ecology, and cultures. As we become stewards of Grass Mountain we honor those who loved the land before us - the indigenous people, Nettie Long, Bob and Arlene Walls. To share these stories and the land with future generations, in the coming years Sitka will thoughtfully develop residency programs, workshops, and events at Grass Mountain that promote stewardship and deepen an understanding of ecology through art, science, and attention to this remarkable place.