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2022-2023 Recorder Residency

Calling all professional recorder players:

Sitka's Recorder Residency is an opportunity like no other, serving recorder musicians, composers and educators with time, space and funding to pursue self- directed work. Residents work independently, free from outside pressures and constraints within a small community of other visual and performing artists, writers, natural scientists and interdisciplinary creatives. While not required, performance and youth outreach opportunities are available for those who wish to include community engagement as part of their stay.

The timing and duration of this year's Recorder Residency is flexible, from two to six weeks and based on the needs of the musician. In addition, through the generosity of an anonymous donor, we are able to offer a $500/week honorarium to this year's Recorder Resident(s).

We are thrilled to be hosting this special residency program again, bringing more musicians to Sitka in 2022 and beyond. Please share this open call announcement and help spread the word into new regional, national and international communities of musicians.

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