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Introducing Estuary House

Sitka is delighted to announce that, as of this week, we are the proud owners of a one-bedroom house in the Cascade Head Ranch neighborhood. The Estuary House is just a five-minute walk from our main public campus. This purchase was made possible through the hard work and financial stewardship of board and staff members past and present.

The Estuary House will broadly and flexibly support Sitka’s residency, workshop, event and youth programs, hosting everyone from residency program alumni to guest speakers to artists, scientists and youth program presenters. This additional home within main campus walking distance will also allow Sitka to experiment with housing scholarships through partner organizations for those who cannot afford coastal accommodations during workshop season.

The small footprint and inspirational Salmon River Estuary view make this house ideal for hosting those who will benefit from even greater privacy and seclusion than our cluster of five on-campus houses offer.

The Estuary House is especially meaningful to us because it was previously owned and lovingly cared for by longtime neighbors and Sitka supporters Kimball Burkett and Ted Ballard. Ted and Kimball will be back for a few weeks each year as Sitka's guests. Ted shares, “We’ve had a relationship with Sitka for over twenty years, and we expect to maintain contact with Sitka. We look forward to returning to visit this beautiful home in this beautiful place. Sitka represents a value we’ve long held dear, and we are excited to be able to hand the keys over to an organization that means so much to us.”

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