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Youth Program Update

During the month of April the Sitka Youth Program is collaborating with working artists for two unique student projects at Nestucca K-8 School. The first project will be with returning Sitka resident (2019 and 2022) Altea Narici, a professional cellist from Italy. Students will also have the opportunity to work with 2021 Sitka Blue Sky Photography resident Mike Vos.

Altea Narici will be introducing students to the world of bioacoustics and tools used by bioacousticians called spectrograms. Through collaboration with Narici, students will observe, listen and gain ideas for visually representing sound using color on paper. Each classroom experience will culminate in students creating a unique “class song” that includes animal vocalization and cello performance sound-inspired notations.

Mike Vos will be working with the middle school creative writing class at Nestucca K-8 to explore digital photographic storytelling. Students will take photos throughout the campus with an eye towards creating a digital visual narrative. Vos will assist students in organizing the presentation and order of their photos in a way that clearly expresses a story to the viewer. These visual stories will then be enhanced with selections of intentionally placed words and written narratives.

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