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Artist at Sea Residency is Back

                                                            2018 Artist-at-Sea Esteban Camacho Steffenson

Big news! Sitka is continuing a unique partnership with Oregon State University that allows for a visual artist, writer or musician to spend two weeks on an oceanic research vessel. Artists at Sea will interact with and create work alongside a scientific team gathering data on the dynamics of mesozooplankton food webs at different depths and during different seasonal currents off of the Oregon and California coast.

OSU received grant funding from the National Science Foundation to complete four oceanic research trips in 2022-2023 with Sitka artists aboard.

The application deadline is Nov 15, for the Feb. 28-Mar. 13, 2022 cruise. There is an additional (optional) two-week residency at Sitka from Mar. 13- Mar. 28, 2022 for participating artists to reflect.

Apply Here

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