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CoastWatch King Tides Photo Contest

CoastWatch and the Oregon King Tides Project are partnering with the Oregon Coast Visitors Association and Oregon Sea Grant to host a photo contest of king tides photos submitted during the 2022-2023 winter season. This year, there are four categories of photos up for prizes: coastal flooding, coastal erosion, waves, and comparison (avg. high tide vs. king tide). Winners will be chosen in February based on which best showcase the impacts of high water along the Oregon coast.

Tide times: The best time to take photos is at peak high tide, when the water level is highest. In December, our local area will have (high) King Tides on the following days and times: 12/21 at 09:47am, 12/22 at 10:32am, 12/23 at 11:19am, 12/24 at 12:08pm, 12/25 at 12:59pm and 12/26 at 1:53pm.

Where to take photos: Please capture photos of our local coastal area that are subject to flooding or erosion. Take images where the impact of the tide can be gauged against familiar landmarks like buildings, jetties, bridges, roads, sea walls, beach infrastructure, or shorelines.

Upload your photos through the online form, which can also be accessed in the field on your mobile phone.

Remember to stay safe and use caution when accessing local beaches. Review beach safety guidelines from Oregon State Parks here.

Wishing you all a safe and enriching time as you capture this month’s King Tides.

See you out there,

Nancy Newman

Administrative Coordinator

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