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Youth Program Update

Artwork made by 5th grade student at East Elementary

In October, Sitka Youth Program students reflected on ancestry and familial relationships. Students reflected on hobbies and interests they enjoy as well as personal hopes and dreams, and then used watercolors to create Tree of Life paintings. Students used design principles including lines, shapes, colors and symbols to develop their own visual language. Through this lesson young artists practiced personal expression and made social connections through shared experiences.

In November, students continue to use art as a universal form of communication through place-based visual storytelling projects. Inspired by the visual imagery of Sitka’s 2017-2018 Jordan Schnitzer Printmaking Resident Kamala Dolphin-Kingsley, students are creating engraved coasters that depict positive, memorable moments tied to their local, natural environment. After thinking about their chosen experience through the lens of their five senses, youth artists will engrave a landscape image complete with details and texture and then color their marks with a Sitka spruce ink wash to make their landscapes visible.

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