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$25,000 Triple Match Challenge

Help Sitka reach our goal by November 1.

In May, Sitka received a first-time $25,000 grant and matching challenge from the Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund. Additionally, the Miller Foundation has renewed their commitment with an unrestricted operational grant and challenge of $50,000 this year. This means that your first-time or increased gift of $1,000+ will be tripled.

Since announcing the challenge, Sitka has already raised over $14,600 in new and increased gifts of $1,000+. Thank you!

By giving early, you will make an immediate impact by helping Sitka meet our goal in time to receive the pledged matching funds within this calendar year.

  • If you have already made a membership or donation this year and make an additional gift now for a combined $1,000+, your entire giving for the year will be tripled.
  • If you gave, for example, $5,000 last year and increase your giving this year by any amount, your entire gift will be tripled.

For more information about amplifying your giving in 2023, contact Executive Director Alison Dennis directly at or 541-994-5485.

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