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Now Accepting Residency Applications

Calling all painters, novelists, climate activists, photographers, biologists, composers, poets, journalists, architects, film makers, performers, inventors, botanists, curators, foresters, ceramicists, playwrights, illustrators, oceanographers, print makers and change makers:

Apply now for a Fall/Winter 2021 or Winter/Spring 2022 residency, or share this open call with others.

Each year, the Sitka Center awards residencies to individuals and collaborators exploring art, ecology and the fertile space in-between. Residency durations range from two weeks to three and a half months.

Sitka residency experiences include:

  • Private living and studio space on the Sitka campus
  • Time and space for self-driven work surrounded by the inspiring Cascade Head coastal landscape and ecosystem
  • A supportive community of fellow residents from diverse backgrounds and practices
  • Opportunities to share your work with the community

Sitka is committed to equity and welcomes people from diverse cultures, backgrounds and experiences. Bringing together people from different backgrounds and fields of expertise is core to Sitka's art and ecology mission. From climate change and environmental justice to systemic racism and cultural appropriation, diverse perspectives help spark new ideas and collaborative approaches to address today's challenges in creative ways.

The Residency Program application portal will be open until March 30 for Fall/Winter 2021-Winter/Spring 2022.

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