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Sitka Community news about Monica Setziol-Phillips

Monica Setziol-Phillips is the daughter of LeRoy Setziol, who was known as the father of Northwest Woodcarving. She carves at the bench where he carved, and weaves in her parents’ house. When asked about working with these two mediums in concert Phillips states, “Working with wood offers many challenges as well as rewards. I love that. Tapestry brings endless color play and textural possibilities. When the weaving meets the wood is always an exciting moment for me.” Also, Philips exhibited her work for sale in the annual Sitka Art Invitational in Portland from 2008 to 2017. She has also been instructing her highly popular wood working workshop during the summer season on our main campus since 2012.

Phillips holding her artwork

Today we get to share with you not just one but two of Monica’s pieces. A recent creation, and an old friend in a new home. Below we see Philips at her work bench propping up her latest carving, a large landscape-oriented piece spanning the whole workspace featuring repeating geometric and curvilinear shapes. The second wood carved piece features a circular shape near the top wrapped in curving lines that ripple out and down. This piece incorporates a weaving, you’ll notice how the pattern of colorful lines on a golden background in the woven section reinforces the design inscribed into the wooden areas. This second piece was donated to Sitka by its previous owner, a former Sitka board member and Cascade Head Ranch neighbor.

Philip's Work displayed in the Sitka office

Philips was able to come visit her work before it was installed in its new home at the Sitka main office, a sweet reunion between art and artist. We are excited for all our summer in-person workshop attendees to be greeted by this beautiful piece. To see more of Phillips’ work, visit the galleries listed below:

Freed Gallery (Lincoln City, OR), Attic Gallery (Camas, WA), Art Elements Gallery (Newburg, OR)

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