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Announcing Sitka's Blue Sky Photography 2020 Residency Recipients

Blue Sky Gallery and the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology are pleased to announce Portland, Oregon based Ebenezer Galluzzo and Seattle, Washington based Melinda Hurst Frye as co-winners of the fourth annual Blue Sky/Sitka Center Residency Award. The juried residency recognizes alumni of Blue Sky's exhibitions or Drawers program with a month-long residency at Sitka. Each will be in residence this Spring, surrounded by the natural environment of Cascade Head on the central Oregon coast. In addition to lodging and a work studio at the Sitka Center, Galluzzo and Hurst Frye will receive a stipend from The Kinsman Foundation and Sitka.

Ebenezer Galluzzo

Galluzzo is a gender non-conforming trans man, mother, husband, and witch living in Portland Oregon, who views the craft of photography as "a way to claim and redefine the lens through which I see the world." Galluzzo uses photography as a tool to reveal what stories are one's own, and what stories are attached to us by cultural forces from outside ourselves. Exploration of what we perceive as "natural" and "unnatural" within the human experience is present in Galluzzo's recent work, and Sitka is thrilled to provide time and space here in the coastal forest and Cascade Head landscape for him to continue this deeply personal body of work and nature-inspired exploration. This Summer, Galluzzo will return to Sitka on June 19 to share his work and residency experience as part of our Mingle & Muse speaker series.

Melinda Hurst Frye
Hurst Frye works within themes of ecology and place through photographs and scans of the Pacific Northwest landscape. By way of observation,experimentation, and slow investigation in the field, her imagery refers to the mysterious activity of urban and forested ecosystems layered with a sense of place. Analogous to scenes from a natural history museum, flora and fauna take center stage to illustrate that we are always tied to migration, evolution, and metamorphosis. Hurst Frye is an artist and educator based in Seattle, Washington. She holds an MFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design, a BFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art, and has been featured on Humble Arts Foundation, Lenscratch, and WIRED Photo.

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