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Sitka Announces New Art Literacy Programming through Oregon Coast Schools

Sitka is delighted to announce that we are entering into an agreement with the Community Arts Project (CAP). Beginning this fall, CAP's youth programs and supporting activities will transition to Sitka's ownership and oversight and will be operated by Sitka moving forward. CAP's Board of Directors is working with Sitka's staff and Board now to finalize this program ownership transition.

About CAP: Founded in 1988 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, CAP offers artliteracy education through Oregon coast schools including Nestucca Valley Elementary School and Girabaldi Grade School, and through an annual Slug Soup Summer Art Camp hosted at Nestucca Valley Grade School. Beginning this fall, operational, administrative and fundraising responsibilities for these programs will transition to Sitka.

When the transition happens, Sitka's Executive Director, Alison Dennis, will serve as the Executive Director for CAP's programs too, and Sitka's administrative team will support CAP's programming and business office needs under the direction of Sitka's General Manager, Nicola Harrison. Before joining Sitka in 2019, Nicola served as Executive Director for CAP for five years.

School-based youth programming:Sitka's adult-learning workshops, residency program and public events will continue to take place on Sitka's Cascade Head campus. Our new youth programs will continue to be school-based, serving kids out in the community.

Covid-19 impacts: Sitka is working now with participating schools to determine the right timing and format for art literacy classes to resume this fall as schools reopen via online instruction. Once classroom-based learning resumes, CAP's school-based art literacy classes will resume too with community-based instructors for each participating school.

How you can help: Individual donations play and will continue to play an essential role in funding and sustaining these long-serving youth programs. This will be even more true this school year as the pandemic and coastal fires impede annual fundraising events upon which CAP and Sitka rely. For those who can, please consider making a one-time gift to Sitka in CAP's honor, and please include Sitka in your annual giving plans this December.

You can make donations online here or mail to Sitka Center, 56605 Sitka Drive, Otis, Oregon 97368.

With this transition, Sitka has come full circle to its origins as an art and ecology camp for kids. We look forward to sharing the joys of creativity, curiosity and self expression with people of all ages, generations and skill levels for years to come, and to serving local kids and families in new ways.

To learn more about this transition and Sitka's new youth programs, read the full public announcement here.

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